PDM Episode 8 : Live! On The Grid

In the first of two episodes the Gang has recorded at the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture on Bleeker St. in NYC. The Gang looks at the concept of the grid. What is it? How did it come to be? Their answers(or questions) might surprise you. With special Guest Host Lynne Marie Rosenberg and Guest Mathematician Nicholas Ruah.

PDM Episode 7 : Live! Beautiful Math

The gang heads to the floor of the Museum of Mathematics to take on a serious question.  What makes mathematics beautiful? Special Guest Mathematician Nick Rauh and returning favorite Nicole Spiezio discuss Pollack, Bach, and the uncanny symmetry pea babies. Plus a brand new radio play from resident playwright Jaclyn Backhaus

PDM Episode 5 : Live! Math in Motion

The Gang takes the live show to the Public Theater! Inspired by a quote from choreographer Liz Lerman we discuss how math moves.  Fun word problems, a sing along, and a special radio play from Jaclyn Backhaus featuring guest actress Stephanie Hsu ensue. 

PDM Episode 4: LIVE! On Nothing

The Gang gets together at the People's Improv Theater in NYC to discuss a very important topic. Nothing. Dave challenges the audience to amazing Feats of Math! Andrew leads a meaningful discussion about whether something is also nothing. Practicing Buddhist Lynne Rosenberg leads us in a guided meditation. Joe explores the concept of zero music. And special guest nicHi Douglas performs a short radio monologue by Jaclyn entitled The Lovelorn Mathematician.

PDM Episode 2: LIVE! Is Math Art?

PDM records LIVE at Ars Nova as part of ANT Fest to explore the question: Is math art? Listen as our very brave studio audience performs daring feats of math for shots of Four Roses. Andrew goes deep with the audience, Springer style, and the Gang performs a radio play by PDM's very own Jaclyn Bakhaus. With special guest, Nicole Spezzio